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OPINION: Music helping students study

By Rachel Morano

For as long as music has been a part of people’s lives, students have listened to it while doing homework and studying. It keeps so many kids on track by calming them down and providing audio so they do not work in silence. It fills the space so they don’t feel quite as pressured.

Every student that I’ve talked to said they listen to music for multiple reasons and teachers agree too.

“I think listening to music while working is a great tool to help keep focused,” said art teacher Jennifer Melendez. “I personally listen to music while I work.”

While there are some people who say it’s distracting, they really don’t understand the different aspects of it. Some students enjoy it simply because it fills the space. It blocks out the quiet and makes them feel more comfortable when listening to music they enjoy.

Some students enjoy it when doing repetitive tasks. When asking junior Brandon Redd about it he said it works for him “…if I listen to the same playlist.”

Using a certain playlist every time you do the same action makes it easier. If you listen to one playlist while cleaning your room you can see how many songs you get through before you’re done. This is super helpful because it keeps you on track and makes you want to beat what you did last time.

Another reason students listen to music is to help the creative process. Listening to music that suits the type of work you’re trying to do can keep your mind moving.

“ I encourage students to listen to music while they work independently.  I also play music through my classroom speakers for students who don’t have headphones,” Melendez said

It’s been researched multiple times with majority of similar results.

“When a task is clearly defined and repetitive in nature, research suggests that music is consistently helpful,” said Gregory Ciotti from “Help Scout.”

Students also use music as an escape. When in a noisy room they can use the sounds to get out of the commotion. When there is too much going on music can be used to help drown it all out and keep a person focused.

Most students found it easiest to concentrate when listening to music that had no lyrics. If the music at hand has words to it then a student may concentrate too much on solely the lyrics and end up distracted. This is only relevant if the person at hand is working on something that involves words. If they are just drawing or painting, the lyrics can give off inspiration for the creative mind.

In the end, it’s impossible to say what kind of music will help a student; it all depends on personality. If you like light and soft music then that’s whall help you. If you like heavy metal, put on an album. Either way it’s important to keep it quiet and only in the background. The point is not to listen to the song but to use it to help you on your work.

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