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How to: Passing Periods

By McKenna Renier

We’ve all had our horrific encounters in the hallway. A cluster of students going 50 different directions, the one kid who deems it dangerous to walk faster than the speed of a snail, and the obnoxious couple that feels the need to have an intimate encounter in front of the entire BHS faculty and student body. Due to the fact these obscurities happen far too often, we all could use a little refresher of do’s and don’ts of passing periods.

Do treat the hallway as if it were a road: walk on the right side. I don’t know if this is news to you, but let’s all remember we’re in America, we drive, and also walk, on the right side. If people begin solely walking on the right side, it will speed up the flow of traffic for everyone. So please, remember to walk on the right side.

Don’t act like this is the first time you’ve seen your significant other for the first time in two years. Let’s just throw it out there: we’ve all felt uncomfortable by you and your boyfriend/girlfriend making out in the hallway. No one wants to see that, and frankly we don’t understand why you would want us to see that. The point is it makes everyone uncomfortable and it is highly unnecessary.

Do pick up the pace. Some people are traveling completely across the school and for you to take your sweet time texting and walking and slowing everyone down is inconsiderate. The problem is not that you want to walk slow, it’s that it seems like all of the people who want to mosey down the hallway are the ones that walk dead in the center of the lane, assuring that no single person will be able to pass them. Walk on the outside or walk faster, we’re all begging you.

Don’t stop walking in the middle of the hallway. All too often will you be walking in the hallway, traffic is flowing and all of the sudden the person in front of you makes a complete stop, jamming everyone up behind them. If you want to flip directions or catch the attention of a friend I promise you won’t have to just stop walking in the middle of a crowded pack of students.

It’s not that I’m trying to offend anyone who makes these poor hallway etiquette decisions, because we’ve all made some of these mistakes. What we are trying to avoid in this crash course on passing periods is the recurrence of these problems umpteen times a day. Avoid being the person that makes all of these poor choices down one stretch of hallway.

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