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Fun vacation spots during spring break

By Anthony Glisson

With spring break coming up, many people are trying to think of what they can go do. You might be going on vacation or just staying home depending on what you have going on but If you are unsure as to what you are doing, take a hint from this article, it may just peak your interests.

One of the most popular places visited during spring break is Cancun, Mexico. Cancun is home to beautiful beaches and wonderful places to stay. One of the best places to stay, based on customer review, is a hotel known as Le Blanc Spa Resort. Le Blanc is a five-star resort and is one of the highest recommended resorts to stay in while visiting Cancun.

Currently, in the month of February, Cancun’s weather is at a high of 81 and a low of 65 daily, according to, which means it is constantly warm enough to be swimming in a pool or even wearing shorts and a t-shirt every day no matter what month. A flight to Cancun and a three-night stay along with a flight back will cost around $2,500 for yourself and about $3,000 for 2 people.

Another beautiful place to visit on your spring break is Panama City Beach, FL. In Panama City Beach there are so many different places to visit. One of the highest rated places in Panama City Beach is called the Panama City Beach Winery. It is a five-star winery and is highly recommended for those over the age of 21.

Another place for people of all ages is the Pier Park in Panama City Beach. Pier Park is a more than 900,000square-foot shopping center and is one of the most premier shopping centers in Northwest Florida. Of course with a place like Panama City Beach, we can’t leave out the actual beach. Panama City Beach is one of the highest rated beaches in the United States and the winner of the 2015 Traveler’s Choice award.. This beach is known for is gorgeous waters and wondrous sounds along with its soft sand and beautiful weather. This is one of the most traveled to places in the U.S. and is definitely a place that I would love to check out some time.

Nassau, Bahamas is home to some of the bluest waters, softest sand and warmest weather. One of the coolest places to visit in Nassau is Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis Paradise Island, also a winner of the 2015 Traveler’s Choice award. This waterpark is home to a waterslide known as the “Leap of Faith,” which brings you down on a drop into a glass tunnel then brings you through a pool of sharks and spits you out into a small wading pool at the end. “Leap of Faith” is renowned for its creativity and excitement as you go down the slide and that’s one reason why I personally would like to visit the Bahamas.

Another reason to visit the Bahamas is due to its astounding beaches. One of the many beaches in Nassau is called Cable Beach. Cable Beach is a beautiful place to visit and if you choose to stay you are in for a good deal. One of the many hotels in Cable Beach is known as Ocean West Boutique Hotel, a 4.5 out of five-star hotel, which will offer you an exclusive three night stay for around $675. Along with the beautiful beaches and weather, the hotel provides a pool, a beautiful ocean view from your bedroom, a fully accessible gym in case you want to workout and a few other fun things to do such as play pool and just hangout with friends or family. I would highly recommend Nassau, Bahamas as a trip to take during your spring break.

With all these ideas and choices of places to go for spring break, it’s tough to make a decision. Of course there is nothing wrong with staying home and relaxing for that week off but if you decide to go on vacation, take a look at these three places because I don’t believe you will be disappointed. If you can’t make it this year maybe try for next year or the year after but these three places are well worth the time and the money.

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