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Ways to deal with moving to a new school

By Emily Risner

Moving to a new school can be very difficult for many people. It is tough to leave friends behind and not know anyone from their new school.  Students that are transferring to new schools and a new life could use some help with the transitions. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Stay positive

It is important when someone is moving for them to not get down on themselves. Staying in a good mood and thinking of the positives of the situation will help the moving process. Instead of shutting their parents out and getting angry at them, the student who is moving should ask them questions. Also, if someone is feeling a bit down and is having trouble thinking of the positives, they should talk to their parents about it, and tell them how they are feeling. Staying positive can be hard, but it is worth it.

  1. Focus on getting a fresh start

At a school that someone has been going to for a long period of time, they are bound to have enemies. At a new school it’s a fresh start of choosing each other to become enemies. Usually at new schools, the students there are friendly and it won’t be too hard to find a group to fit into. An easy way to make new friends is for a student to join clubs or other activities. Getting a fresh start at a school can make going there a lot less stressful.

  1. Stay in touch with old friends

Talking about the move to parents will help a lot, but so will talking about it to old friends. It’s not too hard to stay in touch with friends. There’s facetime, Skype, and texting that will help someone keep up with their friends from their old school. Over long breaks, such as spring break, winter break, or summer break, that person can plan a trip to go see their friends. If someone still talks to them on a daily basis, it will be easy to pick up where they left off, and it will make the goodbye a lot easier.

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