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10 tips every high schooler needs to know

By Zoe Stone

Just about every student can agree that school can be stressful sometimes. The tests, the quizzes, the homework, the notes: it’s enough to make anyone’s head start spinning. Fortunately, The Spectator has 10 tips to help the typical overworked student out.

1. Replace ‘en’ with ‘simple’ in Wikipedia

By doing this, you get redirected to a Wikipedia site on the same topic, but without all the irrelevant information. It basically trims the page down to the basics.


2. If your calculator runs of out battery, rub the ends of the batteries together

This can give you up to 15 extra minutes of battery life.


3. Read your notes aloud instead of reading them over and over.

You are 50 percent more likely to remember the information if you repeatedly speak it rather than read it, according to an article from the Law School Toolbox.


4. Copy and paste your paper into google translate and have it read your essay out loud

If a computer reads your work to you, it’ll be easier to catch mistakes.


5. Use blue ink instead of blue or red ink for your notes

According to a study done at the University of St. Francis, you are more likely to remember something you wrote in blue ink than in black ink.


6. If your printer is low on black ink, print the font in dark tan

It’s almost identical to black ink.


7. Study your notes within one day of taking them

Retention rates are 60 percent higher if you do this, says a study trick article from


8. Chew gum when you study, and chew the same flavor when you take the test.

This has been known to improve memory, according to a study from St. Lawrence University.


9. Use

It’s easier to find relevant information for your schoolwork with this.


10. Don’t skip out on sleep!

Believe it or not, sleep is more important than homework. It’s been proven that getting a good night’s sleep is better than staying up all night cramming for exams.

The perpetual work from school can be very draining at times, even when you’re doing the best you can. Just ten tips can really make a difference in your workload. High school can be hard, but hopefully these suggestions help to ease the constant stress.

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