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Review: ‘Room’ is the best film of 2016 thus far

By Sierra Hobson

Room, starring Oscar winning actress Brie Larson as Joy or “Ma” and Jacob Tremblay as Jack, was an eye-opening and touching revelation. Scene by scene, this film had thrill and anticipation, leaving viewers both in tears, and at the edge of their seats. In just an 11-by-11 foot room, Tremblay transformed every perspective imaginable. Director Lenny Abrahamson’s heart-felt adaptation of Emma Donoghue’s novel will keep audience members thinking long after they leave the theater.

Room follows Joy and Jack, tucked away in the captivity of a small, compact shed known only to Jack, who has never left this confined space, as “room.” Joy was kidnapped seven years ago and has been in room ever since. But to Jack, whom Joy gives birth to while in captivity, the room is all he’s ever known. In reality, five-year-old Jack has yet to catch a glimpse of the outside world and its entirety.

This film shines a light on both the relationship of mother and son, and the heartbreak of such an emotional and psychological journey. Joy has protected Jack for so long, but the way to truly save him is to free him from the room. Will they ever make it past the four walls?

Breakout star and Critic’s Choice winner Jacob Tremblay, at just nine years old, captured the innocence and complexity of his character, Jack, brilliantly. I give Room five out of five stars for its compassionate and insightful adaptation of an unforgettable story. Tremblay and Larson’s relationship was a joy to watch as they showed movie viewers that through thick and thin, love will always persevere.

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