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5 worst trends of the 2015-2016 school year

Let’s be honest: there are some trends that make people wonder why the idea is even trending. I can tell you that every one of us has tried at least one of these trends. There are many more than five but these are the most irritating trends, starting from the least irritating to the most irritating.

  1. White/maroon Converse– Why? They aren’t even cute! They make people’s feet look big and aren’t stylish at all. The worst part is that girls wear them with everything. I saw a girl in a prom dress, wearing Converse to prom. It ruins the whole look. Girls can’t say that they dressed up when they’re wearing ugly beat up shoes. Girls also tie the laces around their ankle and wear long socks under them. It looks ugly. Please diversify the shoe population.
  1. The whip/dab– Don’t get me wrong: I’m not against dancing and both of these dance moves can be cool when used for their intended purpose, which is incorporated in a dance. However, people are taking it too far. It’s not cute when someone blocks the middle of the hallway to “whip” because they want to annoy everyone.
  1. “90s clothing”– Stop trying to bring the 90s back! It’s in the past for a reason! Why is it in the past? Because all of its clothing is uglier than Kanye West. Most of the people wearing 90s clothing aren’t even from the 90s or know nothing about how people in the 90s dressed, which is why people think it’s cute when it’s trending on tumblr.
  1. Contouring– This is for the people who already look like they put a cake on their face but decided they needed just one more element to add to there already fake looking appearance. Some say it makes them look more natural. Sorry to rain on your parade, but everyone can clearly see the dark lines you drew on your face. Contouring is the worst form of makeup because it can actually make you look like a different person, which is probably one of the reasons why it’s so popular.
  1. The Kardashians– This is the most irritating trend. So what the Kardashians tell little girls around the world is that if you act stupidly, and are rich you can be famous. It would be different if they actually did something with their lives, but they don’t. I’m tired of seeing them on social media. They have nothing to offer to society.
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