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Review: Looking for a new place to eat? Don’t go to Chili’s

By McKenna Renier

When I think of Chili’s in Batavia, I think of a frozen dinner. Chili’s, to me, is a complete waste of money. When thinking of restaurants to spend hard earned money at, I don’t think of Chili’s.

Chili’s is a sit-down restaurant, not fast food. However, the quality and taste might rival that of a local fast food joint or even be a downgrade. I have been to Chili’s multiple times, and not one time have I enjoyed my meal. I have also had a wide range of food from salad to chicken and nothing has been satisfactory.

To me, it seems Chili’s values quantity over quality. The salad I received could have fed a family of four, but the taste was awful. The picture and description doesn’t align at all. You may see a delicious looking dish, but when it comes out it is nothing of your expectations. What will come to your table is a mound of food that looks unappetizing altogether.

The taste is something of a cardboard box. There is no flavor in their food which is why you could compare it to a microwave meal. Their pasta is so bad that I couldn’t even finish the first bite I took. How can you mess up a bowl of pasta? Ask Chili’s.

One of the most tragic circumstances that a customer can be in at a restaurant is having cold food when it is intended to be warm. When I was with a large party of people, it took over an hour to make our food and get it to the table. By the time my food finally reached the table it was cold. It should not matter how large the group is; they should at least warm the food back up before they serve it to their customers.

As a poor high schooler, money should be spent frugally. Do not waste your money or time going to the Batavia Chili’s. We live in an area that has very diverse food choices. Branch out and try quality food, not cookie cutter restaurant chains with repulsive food. ★☆☆☆☆

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