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Review: The Revenant is a must see

A movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next for two and a half hours straight is a movie worth watching. The Revenant, directed by Oscar winner Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, definitely meets that standard.

In The Revenant, there are many scenes that will be nearly silent for short periods of time usually following an intense scene. This is unique for a movie and it kind of gives the viewer a time to comprehend what just happened following that scene and will keep your mind racing with questions and ideas which will soon to be answered.

This movie also looks so real in some scenes that the viewer can easily feel as if they were there. One scene in particular is the scene where DiCaprio gets in a ravaging fight with a bear. He is being tossed around and begins suffering from deep flesh wounds and the sounds of the fight seem as if they are real along with the motions of the bear and DiCaprio. As the bear swipes at him, the director does an amazing job of emphasizing how strong the bear was by showing DiCaprio being tossed around like a ragdoll. Once the scene finishes, the viewer is left with a quiet scene, which leads to you asking questions such as if he is okay and is he will ever be found.

The movie had many scenes in it that had such an emotional factor to them that it caught anyone off guard because of how extremely emotional they were. One scene was when DiCaprio had his infant son in his arms as they were surrounded by a destroyed village with flames all around them. After that scene they showed his son, Forrest Goodluck, whispering in his unconscious dad’s ear that he will be by his side no matter what. It was so emotional to see how the role has changed from his DiCaprio protecting his son, to Goodluck protecting his dad.

This movie has many things factors to it that keep the viewer wanting more and if it were up to me I would give The Revenant  five out of five stars. It deserves those stars for the fact that it was so suspenseful and was constantly throwing twists and and turns in your way and made you wonder how DiCaprio would make it out alive. If movies with a good storyline and incredible series of events are of interest to you, I recommend taking a look at The Revenant.

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