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The perfect vacation: Hilton Head Island

By Ryann Deutsch

When looking for the perfect vacation spot what do people usually consider? Miles of pure white sand and the warm embrace of the sun? A place to unwind with loved ones? Or maybe a place to explore and go on adventures? Chances are vacationers will find all of these things and more on Hilton Head Island.

Hilton Head is an island home to many adventures. Located just off the coast of South Carolina, this popular vacation destination attracts 2.5 million families from all over the United States every year ( Yet, Hilton Head manages to feel like a secret getaway that isn’t plagued with tourists.

The air is thick and the waves of the Atlantic Ocean can be heard as beachgoers lay with the sand between their toes while the sun beats down upon them. Hilton Head is home to over 12 miles of white, sandy beaches that are perfect for tanning, swimming or building sand castles.

“My favorite thing about Hilton Head is being able to sit at the cabana in between the beach and the pool feeling the warm breeze and the salty air and the sound of children playing in the water,” said vacationer Laura Deutsch. “It felt like a complete vacation, relaxing, listening to the ocean waves with no agenda other than to be with my family and relax.”

It might sound crazy but, the beach isn’t for everyone. Don’t worry there is still plenty else to do on this gem of an island. It can be hard to feel the comfort of home when someone is on vacation.

Imagine sitting outside, the floorboards of the deck creak beneath the servers feet as they bring buckets upon buckets of never-ending crab. The server sets it on the table and the steam rises into the afternoon sky as everyone digs in with delight. The customers mouths sink into the warm cheddar biscuits as they unknowingly smile with bliss. This is just a typical scene at any of the 250 restaurants that call Hilton Head home. The southern, homestyle cooking bring visitors back to their mama’s kitchen as they laugh in each other’s company and enjoy the afternoon sun.

One of these hot spots is the Salty Dog Cafe. This restaurant is one of the number one places on visitor’s lists whether it is for the view, special drinks or just to buy a sweatshirt.

“The smoothies are amazing and the tshirt shop was huge!” said customer Hogan Deutsch.

For visitors who are looking for more of an adventure, Hilton Head has plenty of outdoor activities to satisfy their needs. The sounds of the sprinklers begin as the sun rises every morning, the bright green grass almost looks like it’s fake and the carts whiz around carrying with them the sounds of laughter and memories. These are the typical sights and sounds found on any of the 30 championship golf courses located on Hilton Head. Golfers of all ages and skill levels are attracted to courses designed by some of the greats, like Jack Nicklaus and Pete Dye. Hilton Head is also a top destination for avid golf fans who would rather watch than play. Visitors come from all around to watch top PGA Tour events year round.

For active visitors who don’t want to spend the whole day out on the course, Hilton Head has more than 300 tennis courts available for use.

“All of the tennis courts have amazing views and it’s always so fun and relaxing to play there every year!” said tennis player and frequent visitor Alana Miller.

If tennis doesn’t sound appealing how about a shopping spree at any of the 200 local stores that carry unique merchandise or perhaps a round of mini golf?

Hilton Head Island is home to many possible adventures for visitors who are active explorers, foodies and shopaholics. There is something for everyone to enjoy on Hilton Head Island. So be sure to consider it when it comes time to plan the next vacation.

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