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Behind the scenes of Gaetano’s

By Sammy Pinner

Having to run and work at the busiest restaurant in town where everyone you know comes in can be very hectic, but also very fun and exciting as well according to Marypat Cibula. Gaetano’s is the busiest restaurant in Batavia where the Cibula family and Gaetano himself work and run the eatery. They all work very hard and very well together and make sure their customers feel welcome and comfortable.

“I am very proud that we have been well received in Batavia, however, it is something I would never take for granted,” said Gaetano, the owner.

Gaetano and the family are extremely proud for how far they have come in their  business. They are very happy with their restaurant that Wendy and Gaetano both put a lot of time and work into. Wendy painted the walls and made them look very authentic and put up amazing decor around the restaurant. Gaetano and the family not only live together and see each other at home where there may be some tension and fights, but they always put that aside when it comes time to work together at their restaurant. The Cibula family and Gaetano work very hard together almost everyday which can cause a lot of frustration and stress but can also be very enjoyable and fun. The restaurant is in downtown Batavia where a lot of people come in that the Cibulas and Gaetano may know,

“It’s fun when we know people who come in the restaurant,” said their daughter, Maypat Cibula.  ”It makes me really proud of my parents and how hard they work.”

Gaetano’s is very well known and the most popular restaurant in town. Because of this, there are many people who come in that Gaetano and the Cibula family know. Because two of the Cibula daughters who work at the restaurant, Molly Cibula, and Marypat Cibula both attend Batavia High School, they know a lot of other students, teachers, and staff who come into the restaurant. Having people from their school come in, makes them very proud of their parents for putting so much work into the restaurant and makes them feel like their restaurant is really getting out there.

The Cibulas and Gaetano along with the waiters and other employees always make sure that whoever comes into their restaurant are always greeted at the door and walked to their table where there is always a glass of water with a freshly sliced cucumber sitting on the table waiting for them. They then make sure that all of their customers are comfortable and feel welcomed throughout their visit.

“Every time I go to the restaurant it feels like home,” said Tara Bieller, a previous customer. “Wendy and Gaetano do an excellent job at making everyone feel like family in the restaurant. They take the time to speak to everyone and ask how their meal is. It’s such a comfortable experience every time. You’re completely taken care of without a delay.”

As people are enjoying their meals, Wendy or Gaetano always walk around and try to talk to everyone to see how they are doing and how they like their meals.

“My family and I have never had an issue or anything to complain about,” Bieller said. “It’s better than anywhere I’ve ever been. Everyone in the restaurant is pleasant and enjoys what they do. I look forward to going to the restaurant every time I go.”

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