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What kind of food are you?

What type of food are you?

By Margaret Boersma

Question 1: What do you typically wear?

  1. Whatever you find first (2)
  2. The perfect outfit for going out (4)
  3. Pajamas great for doing nothing (1)
  4. Some athletic clothes (3)

Question 2: What do you do over the weekends?

  1. Shopping and Starbucks all day (3)
  2. Tv+food=Love (2)
  3. Some random stuff on your phone, and maybe read something (1)
  4. Play sports and go to a game (4)

Question 3: If you were trapped on a deserted tropical island, what would you want to have with you?

  1. A giant HELP sign (2)
  2. Your best friend (4)
  3. A pile of books (1)
  4. A TV and Netflix (3)

Question 4: What type of music do you like

  1. … whatever is on (1)
  2. Heavy metal/Rock (3)
  3. Dance music/Pop (4)
  4. Classical/Oldies (2)

Question 5: If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

  1. Mac n’ Cheese (1)
  2. A fresh salad (4)
  3. Portillo’s food and cake shake (3)
  4. A burger (2)


1-5= Pizza! You’re pretty chill and open to a lot of things. You’re a little more quiet, but you still have fun!

6-10= Ice cream! You like to do lots of things, but you also love being lazy. You’re a cool person (pun intended) and a lot of people like that about you!

11-15= Salad! In other words, you’re pretty… fresh. You love doing your own thing sometimes, but you have a lot of friends still!

16-20= Breadsticks! In general, you’re loved by everyone! You’re fun and love going out and having fun!


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