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Top 10 Places to go in The Geneva Commons

By Cassie Kearney


  1. Sephora – A very universal makeup store that sells high-end products from many different brands, Sephora has its own brand that you can buy inside the store. They also have brands like Tarte, Benefit, Kat Von D, Smashbox, Dior, Makeup Forever and more. I love makeup and there is a variety of different brands and products that can be purchased. They also have skin care, not just makeup.
  2. PINK – A store for teenage girls to get multiple different pieces of clothing. It has very high quality and is also very comfortable. The people who work there are extremely nice and are always willing to help you with a smile on their face.
  3. Forever 21 – A store that sells clothes, jewelry and makeup at a very affordable price. There is a lot of different styles and there is something for everyone in the store. I feel like anyone can buy something that they enjoy. I also like is that there is a plus-sized section.
  4. Charming Charlie – This is an accessory store that is organized by color. There is anything from jewelry, purses, phone cases and more. There is such a big variety and everything is in order, so you can find something to match anything. For example, if your homecoming dress is purple with silver and gold beading, you can go find jewelry or a clutch or anything you want to go with your dress (you can do this with any occasion).
  5. DSW – DSW stands for Designer Shoe Wear, so obviously it is a place to buy shoes. They have all different kinds and brands of shoes to fit any need. (Boots, heels, tennis shoes…) It is very large and there is a very big variety. I get all my heels for dances and big events from there and they last a very long time.


Places to Eat

  1. Noodles and Company – Noodles and Company is a place where you can buy all kinds of pasta dishes, along with soup or salad and some desserts. My favorite thing to get, which I get every time, is the mac and cheese.
  2. Jamba Juice – Jamba Juice is a smoothie place. Any kind of smoothie you want you can get. They also have a healthier selection and you can add things such as protein or kale.
  3. Starbucks – Starbucks is a coffee place, but they also serve smoothies, refreshers, and some food/treats. There are two of them in the Commons. One right by the Noodles and Company and also one in the Barnes and Noble.
  4. Buffalo Wild Wings – Buffalo Wild Wings is a typical restaurant that is mainly known for their wings. There have a wide variety of sauces and you can get them traditional or boneless. They also sell other food items such as chicken and burgers.
  5. Five Guys – Five Guys is a burger joint that is somewhat like the In-And-Out Burger of Illinois. The food isn’t overly greasy, which I hate.
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