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What breakfast food are you?

By Julia Pelech

  1. Where do you find yourself on a Friday night?
    1. At home getting my homework out of the way (10)
    2. Partying (40)
    3. Hanging out somewhere with my friends (30)
    4. Curled up with your phone in a blanket burrito (20)
  2. What does your morning routine for school usually look like?
    1. I get up early, stay in my bed for half an hour, then get up and rush like crazy, not really focusing on my looks. (20)
    2. I wake up half an hour before I have to leave, put on another set of sweats, grab a granola bar or something, and leave. (40)
    3. I plan my clothes and everything the night before, and wake up early so I have a lot of time to focus on my appearance. (10)
    4. I wake up, stay in bed a little bit, but not too long, get dressed, make sure I look okay, eat breakfast, and leave. (30)
  3. How are your grades right now?
    1. Straight A’s (10)
    2. A’s and B’s (20)
    3. B’s and one or two C’s (30)
    4. D’s and F’s (40)
  4. What is your favorite place to eat at the moment?
    1. Chipotle. I love their burritos. (30)
    2. Portillo’s. Chocolate cake. There is nothing else to say here. (20)
    3. McDonald’s. It’s cheap. (40)
    4. Panera. It’s a nice study place and they have good coffee. (10)
  5. What kind of music do you like?
    1. I’m not huge on music, but I guess whatever is on the radio is fine. (30)
    2. I usually listen to something soothing while I’m doing work, since it helps me concentrate. (10)
    3. Rap/trap (40)
    4. Most rock music is pretty good. (20)
  6. What is your favorite color?
    1. I don’t really have one. (10)
    2. Pink (30)
    3. Red (40)
    4. Black (20)
  7. How would you dye your hair?
    1. Highlights. (30)
    2. Something bright on my whole head. (40)
    3. I don’t dye my hair. (10)
    4. A bright color in the under layer. (20)
  8. How would your friends describe you?
    1. Shy (20)
    2. Wild (40)
    3. Funny (30)
    4. Smart (10)
  9. What is your favorite animal?
    1. My cat is really cute (30)
    2. Dogs! (20)
    3. Lions (40)
    4. Other (10)
  10. What would be your ideal travel destination?
    1. Rome/Greece (10)
    2. Hawaii (30)
    3. Jamaica (40)
    4. London (20)



100-160 points: You are the entire breakfast platter. At a restaurant, people usually would get this when they don’t know what they want. You are one of those people to rely on if they need something done, just like when you buy a breakfast platter and are relying on something good to be on the plate. You just simply have your life together.


170-240 points: You are the hash browns. You tend to be kind of shy, but are loved for who you are. Hash browns can be forgotten sometimes, but when you get them at a restaurant you remember just how delicious they really are.


250-340 points: You are pancakes. You fit in pretty well with the crowd, but you can have your shining moments. Pancakes are pretty plain and generic until you add your own personal touch to them, and they are instantly amazing.


360-400 points: You are a donut. You are a wild child. You love the idea of partying and dancing until you drop more than sitting in school and doing homework. Donuts can have some crazy toppings, but you would be up for the challenge of eating them. You are ready to take on any dare.

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