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Pre-game interview with Evan Day

On Friday, the Batavia football team played an away game against Belleville West High School. Evan Day, left tackle and senior captain of the football team, says that they were ready to go up against the Maroons.


Q:  How do you feel the game’s going to play out?

A: As far as teamwork goes I think we all have good teamwork and coordination and everyone has at least one card to bring to the table so I think that we will have a good chance at winning the game.

Q: Who do you think will play well and help win the game?

A: The offensive team should do a good job at blocking. The running backs, Reggie Phillips and Dana Anderson, are good players so they’ll play well. We also have two quarterbacks both have a different card that they can play and help the team win the game.

Q: How developed do you think your teamwork is?

A: We have a pretty good and well-developed team.

Q: How ready do you think you are?

A: We have been practicing since June and we are ready for the game straight when we get into the field.

Q: How are your feeling on the opposing team?

A: It’s a pretty good team but I’m still not scared of them but more scared for ourselves.

Q: How well do you think your coaches are doing in coaching you?

A:We have pretty good coaches and they have been preparing us for the game. We also have a lot of coaches not just a few.

Q: What would you do if you actually lost the game and why?

A: If we actually lost the game then we would get the tape and watch it over and see what we did right and wrong and from then on we would practice and get better.

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