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Shea Stanley just came to Batavia this year as the new Freshman A coach for the volleyball team. She was a former volleyball player at Batavia from a couple years ago and has returned to coach at Batavia.


Q: What made you want to be a volleyball coach?

A: “I have always been good with younger kids. I’ve always been in love with the game and love playing it since I was a senior.”


Q: Why did you decide to start coaching now?

A: “I really wanted to be able to represent my high school in a good way and make a good impact.”


Q: Why did you want to coach at Batavia and not at any other schools in Illinois?

A: “Batavia’s a well-rounded school without the cliques and it’s a whole community being everyone’s friends.”


Q: What have you learned about coaching so far?

A: “I have been coaching for two years. You learn more about people of different ages and it’s more about the sport. It is an amazing thing to watch.”


Q: What advice would you have given yourself before the season started?

A: “Don’t be nervous to make mistakes just like your players. The type of success you want for your team is different than when you are a player and a coach.”


Q: What are your philosophies for coaching?

A: “Never let anyone tell you want you can and can’t be.”


Q: What stands out with your style of volleyball?

A: “I like to make sure that the girls don’t hate the game. It’s a lot of work but you should learn to

never hate the game.”


Q: What are some goals for the team for the current season?

A: “To win as much as we can and be as successful as we can. These group of girls want to make a difference on this team through their journey throughout high school.”


Q: What advice do you have for incoming freshman volleyball players?

A: “To not be intimidated with the talent of the program. You need to stand out as a player because the coaches like to see that.”


Q: What is the biggest difference between coaching and playing?

A: “It’s more of a proud parent moment than a proud teammate moment when you are on the benches of games.”


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