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Artist of the Month: Reilly Corken

By Maddie Durso

Reilly Corken is a 14-year-old freshman who attends Batavia High School. He does many things such as football and soccer but early in his life he became interested in art. Since then, art has become something he loves.  He is just one of the many artists in BHS that have an amazing ability. Here is a look into his artistic background and story.


Q: What got you into art?

A:  Well I took some after school elementary classes every Friday, and from there it just stuck with me.

Q: Have you taken any art classes since elementary school?

A: I took art in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade and now as a freshman through the school and at Water Street Studios.  But since then I just teach myself and learn from my own mistakes.

Q: What kinds of things do they have you do at the Water Street Studios?

A: Over the course of a couple weeks we worked on different techniques of drawing that can be used in any drawing. Then we practiced them a couple of times to master the concepts.  

Q: What kind of artwork do you like to create the most ?    

A: I like to work with colored pencils and pencils to create portraits. And drawings that include real life figures. Also, I enjoy creating cartoons.

Q: What do you like most about art?

A: I love how creative I can always get with each piece of art depending on what I want to do. There are no rules, regulations, or anything like that. So whatever comes to mind goes on the paper and it can come out in a really cool way.

Q: Would you ever like to do anything with art in the future ?

A: Maybe. It just depends if my mind changes or not. As of now, I am either becoming an artist or an architect. Those would be one of my goals later in life as a job.

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