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Ten activities for the fall

Fall is just around the corner! There’s so much to do before the winter starts. With so little time what can you do?  Here are ten activities that you can use to “successfully” start off your fall. Have some fun and remember it’s always fun with friends!

  1. Scary movie marathon-  Grab some friends and watch some scary movies! You can always have a sleepover and watch some of the classics like Friday the 13th, Scream, Saw and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Just remember: don’t
    freak out at night when you hear noises!
  2. Bonfire-  Get the marshmallows ready!  Have a party and invite your close friends to roast some s’mores.  Gather some chairs around the fire and get started with some scary stories.
  3. Haunted house- Want a little scare ? Go to a haunted house with your best friends! There are some close by like Hunted Quarry in Batavia only for $8 per person. Just remember to not hit the actors; they aren’t really monsters.
  4. Watch a football game– Have you heard Batavia has a few home games?  Don’t miss them and go cheer for your school! What better sport to watch in the fall than football. There are going to be home on  Sept. 16 against Elgin, Sept.  30 against St. Charles East, Oct. 14 against South Elgin, and Oct. 21 against St. Charles North. 
  5. Bake a pie– You can’t go a fall without making a pie! Make some delicious pie like apple pie, pumpkin pie, cranberry pie and more get creative!
  6. Make caramel apples– Having company over and don’t know what to give them as a snack?  Make them some caramel apples! They’re easy to make and really delicious. You can even put some toppings like sprinkles or peanuts, just make sure they aren’t allergic first.
  7. Fall photo shoots– Leaves are falling and  trees are changing color. With so much color, there is no better time to take photos. The fall colors will make your photos look amazing.
  8. Make a Halloween costume– Don’t have enough money to make a Halloween costume? Make you own! Look around your house you could find items to make a costume. You can use toilet paper to be a mummy. Have a big, old teddy bear from an ex girlfriend or boyfriend? Cut it open! If it’s big enough you can take the stuffing out and wear it.
  9. Paint a pumpkin– You can’t go a Halloween without pumpkins. Have a fun little project and paint some awesome characters from your favorite halloween movie/show .
  10. Halloween party– Get all your friends and have a fun Halloween party! Have a costume contest and do some old school activities like bobbing for apples. You will make great memories with friends.
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