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Five unique Halloween costume ideas

By Julia Pelech

1- Head on a platter

This one is a little bit morbid, but it’s really cool. Your costume is a headless person holding their own head. Supplies needed include a poster board, a long skirt, button-up sweater, red cloth, gloves, and it might help to have some socks or something to stuff in the fake arms. Roll the poster board into a cylinder that is about the width of your shoulders. You want to cut two notches where the cylinder would rest on your shoulders, and you have just made the body of your person! After this, you want to have someone help you into the clothes of this person, and stuff the arms to make them look like they are holding your head. Lastly, there is a hole where the person’s neck would be, so put the red cloth over there to look like blood.


2- Cartoon characterctyuyi

This one is more of a makeup thing, for someone who does not like dressing up too heavily on Halloween. Characters in comic books have very defined features, and it looks cool to draw them on your face with makeup. Some suggestions for girls would be defining your cheekbones with a line underneath, big eyelashes, and red lips with a highlight on one side of the lower lip. Make sure you line the lips with black, too. For guys you would want to define the jawline and cheekbones the most. The emphasis would also go on your eyebrows. Make sure they are pretty straight across, but have a little bit of curve to them. For everyone, make sure you draw small dots all over your skin in a regular pattern, just like if you were pulled out of a comic book.




3- Rosie the Riveterheriveter

For all you feminists out there, this one is perfect for you. It’s pretty simple, too. If anyone doesn’t know what this is, Rosie the Riveter is the woman that is seen on the popular “We Can Do It” poster from World War II. You want to start off wearing some black boots if you have them, blue jeans, and a denim jacket. For the hair, you would put it in a classic style from the forties, which would be to twist it up on the top of your head. You would then put a bandana on top of you hair. For makeup, make sure you wear some bright red lipstick and have big eyelashes with it.




4- The “Ginger Bread” Man31-ginger-bread-man

This is primarily for a guy with red hair, but everyone can do it. Just make sure you get a red wig. You want to make yourself look male if you aren’t already, also. Then, just get some bread, you can carry it or put it on a string around your neck, and then get a sign that says “ginger bread man.” That’s it.





5-  Mrs. Butterworth’sdsfaasdfsdas

That’s right: the syrup lady. Actually, it’s the bottle of syrup. You want to have a brown dress, and make it so the skirt comes out from your hips like the syrup bottle would. You then want to get a giant cloth and draw on the syrup label. You put this on the front of your skirt, and you have the bottle made. Use a little yellow hat to represent the cap of the bottle. Make sure the hat is a short cylinder to make it look more like a cap.

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