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Live Music is Better than Recorded Music

By Alexa Garcia

My family has connections with live nation, so we occasionally get the opportunity of attending great concerts. The concerts that I can remember are The Jonas Brothers, Karmen, Los Lonely Boys, New Kids on the Block, 98°, Boys to Men, Steve Miller Band, Journey, The Fray, Matt Nathanson, Train, Steve Winwood, Steely Dan, Dirty Heads, and Sublime.

Some of the bands I have seen I didn’t particularly enjoy their music until after I saw them live. Then, the next morning I would make myself a new playlist on Spotify with their music. I wanted to know every word to every song that I had seen them perform the night before. Experiencing the artist tangibly and in person provides a different perspective to appreciate and remember.

When I saw Sublime, I knew all the words to seven of their songs. At their concert, they also played songs that I had never heard. It was my new mission to know all of their music. After hearing songs live that you have never heard before, the songs stick with you. I have noticed that songs performed at concerts I attended are more memorable than if I were to hear a new song on the radio. Last week my sister and I were watching and listening to our four-disc Sublime documentary and we were able to pick out each song that the band had sung and had not sung at our concert. I think you become more aware of a song once you have seen it live. You can begin to notice nuances that you can’t hear on a recording. You may witness new versions of a favorite song.

Songs will appeal listeners more once they have seen them performed live on stage. Whether it be the amazing set, the light show, the crazy costumes or the back-up dancers, a solid show will emotionally affect the concertgoer.

You connect personally with the artists on stage. The song can come closer to your heart. Once you see how the artist feels while performing you develop a deeper emotional appreciation to their music. Whenever I listen to the recording of a song that I previously saw performed live I acknowledge the song differently than I did before. Everytime I listen to a song that I had seen live, I remember the performance like it was just yesterday.

Live concerts have a way of showcasing true talent and exposing some less talented performers. Many musicians play multiple instruments and sound unbelievably better live. Others rely on autotune and often lipsync large portions of their show. Some artists rely heavily on editing when they produce an album and they are only half as good live. Sometimes you are absolutely amazed by how good the vocals are at concerts. Some show can expose the real musicians from those who are hiding behind the editing.

Concerts are undeniably amazing! They bring you closer to your favorite artists. You have a common connection with the audience who also admires that artist. You get to know your favorite artist on another level. It provides a closer euphoric experience you will never forget. Hearing your favorite band perform live is one of the greatest things you can experience. Especially when you leave thinking they sound better live than they do on recordings. Having fun in an environment of people who all like the same things as you do is truly spectacular. At concerts, beautiful memories are made and dreams are fulfilled.

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