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What Halloween candy are you?

By Isabella Jordan

1)What are you doing for Halloween?

A- Going trick or treating.

B- Going to a party.

C- Staying home and watching horror movies.

D- Doing nothing.


2)What is your costume?

A- Construction worker.

B- Farmer.

C- Doctor.

D- Military man or woman.  


3)What do you carve in your pumpkin?

A- A face.

B- A ghost.

C- A black cat.

D- Just a sign saying “Happy Halloween”.


4)What do you like most about Halloween?

A- Candy.

B- Pumkins.

C- Haunted houses

D- Dressing up


5)How do you get your candy?

A- Go out and trick or treat.

B- Store bought.

C- Take somebody else’s.

D- I don’t like candy.


6)How fast do you eat your candy?

A- Takes one hour

B- Takes one week

C- Takes a month

D- Takes one year.


7)What reminds you most about Halloween?

A- Candy.

B- Pumpkins.

C- Witches.

D- Black cats.


8) How do you prepare for Halloween?

A- Practice running from door to door to get the most candy possible.

B- Decorate everything to make it about Halloween.

C- Find my plans for Halloween.

D- Do nothing.


9)What do you do after Halloween?

A- Eat all my candy.

B- Start a countdown for the next Halloween.

C- Start watching winter themed movies.

D- Get ready for Thanksgiving.


10)Why do you like Halloween?

A- Candy.

B- It’s fall.

C- Being scared.

D- Costumes.



Mostly A-s: Candy corn.

Mostly B-s: Caramel apples.

Mostly C-s: Cake pop candy eyes.

Mostly D-s: Spider gummies.

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