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Albanese on the rise

By Kelly Bleakley

Glenn Albanese’s name is all over the place these days: Kane County Chronicle articles, twitter, and all around school. You see Albanese mostly on the field, though, as he plays both tight end for the varsity football team and pitches for the varsity baseball team the last three years. Sophomore year, he verbally committed to play baseball for the University of Louisville, a school ranked as high as fifth in the country last year. For high school baseball, Albanese was the starting pitcher and also had the most hits as a junior. Right now, the six-foot, six-inch, two-sport athlete is ranked the No. two pitcher overall in the state of Illinois. Besides blowing us all away with his baseball talent he also blows the crowd away every Friday night at football games in the fall. All three years Albanese has been on varsity football, he has been the starting tight end and has earned All-Conference and All-Area awards. 


Q: How long have you played football? Baseball?

A: I’ve played baseball for 11 years and football only six.


Q: What other sports have you played?

A: When I was young I played hockey, soccer, and basketball.


Q: How time consuming are both?

A: I have to spend a lot of time on both. I have practice everyday after school for football and since I’m playing baseball on the weekends I have to keep in shape for that, too.


Q: Have you made a lot of your friends from the sports?

A: Yes, a lot of the friends I have today are from baseball and football from middle school and when I was younger playing baseball.


Q: Is it harder for you to have free time to hang out with friends and family?

A: Yes, because I spend a lot of time on sports and we have to do more than just practices and games so it takes up a lot of my time.


Q: What are your plans for your future with baseball?

A: My main goal right now is to work towards being drafted in June.


Q: What do you love most about being an athlete?

A: I like having things to do. I like to keep busy, also having a purpose and having to please people and work for something.

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