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What to watch on Netflix

By Jackson Lambert

  1. The Office- A personal favorite among many Netflix goers, The Office manages to combine humor, real life situations, and a developing story in a way that few other television series have managed to do. With a strong cast lead by Steve Carell as Michael Scott, The Office takes you down a long and winding road that leaves an overwhelming urge to re watch this show time and time again.
  2. Stranger Things- This show, mysterious and exciting, is a new addition to the Netflix original series. Very similar to Super Eight, the 2011 Spielberg film, this show involves aliens, abductions, strange things happening throughout town, and a personable group of teenagers out to find the truth.
  3. Narcos- Following the early Pablo Escobar, Narcos follows the stories of his life as one of the world’s most notorious drug lords and exemplifies the bravery and cunning that it required to eventually take down him and his empire.
  4. Parks and Rec- This show, which is very reminiscent of The Office, is one of the most memorable comedy series available to Netflix viewers. Warning: This show is slow in the first season so stick with it.
  5. Blackfish- Though not for all to watch, Blackfish is a riveting piece of documentary that shows the exploitation and mistreatment of Killer Whales in theme parks (such as Sea World).
  6. Last Chance U- Centered around a group of dropout D1 athletes who are looking to bounce back at East Mississippi Community College- one of the highest ranked community colleges in the nation every year- this show takes the viewers down a path of understanding towards the life of D1 athletes and their many struggles.
  7. Bob’s Burgers- A show focused around Bob, his family, and their local burger joint. This comedic series delves into living as a family, struggling as a family, and ultimately coming together to overcome everything that faces you.
  8. Friday Night Lights- The greatest insight into high school football that has ever been mad or will be made. This show takes you through the roller coaster of high school and what it is like to be part of a star football team in a small town.
  9. Breaking Bad- If you have not already heard of Breaking Bad, you need to catch up because this series is arguably one of the greatest television pieces ever created.
  10. Talladega Nights- Quirky, edgy, and starring Will Ferrell, this movie ties together the world of Nascar, those who watch it, and the drive for competition with family issues and a comical attempt at living lavishly.
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