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OPINION: BHS should add study hall

By Kelly Bleakley

Being in class for seven hours a day with only seven minutes to get class to class, and then only a 30-minute lunch period sounds like a lot for students that are expected to focus and complete homework daily.  Then having to go home and either be too exhausted to start homework, or going to work or a sport and by the time you get home you’re too tired to start homework so then you go to sleep.

Where in this day is there time for any homework? Why should kids want to do homework? How can kids be motivated? How will they be less stressed? The solution is simple: add a study hall block that is required for every student to take which will give them time to relax and finish homework.

A study by the University of Notre Dame was done on the effects of a mandatory study hall on student-athletes. One of their top findings was that 71 percent of students said that study hall helped with their performance in school.

“If we had a study hall I would definitely use it to catch up on homework and get help from my teachers,” said senior Kinga Blando. “I would have a lot more time in my day”.

Studies have shown that the average attention span of a high school student is 10-15 minutes. At Batavia, we have four classes a day that last 90 minutes. How are we supposed to stay focused for 360 minutes a day without a break? Study hall would give each student an opportunity to take a break for attempting to pay attention for 90 minutes straight and relax and get work done.

“I love the concept of Bulldog Hour if it’s utilized properly,” said Tina Bleakley, a school district representative, bringing up the possibility of using Bulldog Hour as a study hall once a week. “I believe the students that used it to help with their classes got a lot out of it.”

With the block schedule, Batavia isn’t allowed to make a mandatory study hall for every student, according to Bleakley. That is understandable, but an hour of study hall worked. Why can’t it stay like that?

Giving students a study hall for a period of the day or even periods throughout the week has shown significant results in student school work and stress levels. Batavia High School was better with Bulldog Hour giving students a period to relax, focus on school work, and have a designated time to manage their school work. It is proven that study hall is beneficial and could help thousands at BHS.

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