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Glee Club comes to life

By Brad Balicki

On Aug. 25, Dallas Edwards, a student at Batavia High School, went down to the counseling and advising office to propose a new idea, one unlike any other in this school. Her idea was that this new club would provide a newer experience for students who are connected on a personal level with music. Music choice could be openly discussed without any limitations on what can be performed and what couldn’t be performed.

“It would be a place where people can safely express themselves through music and connect with each other,” Edwards said.

Her inspiration to start this idea was for her passion for music in all styles and forms. Connecting through music in her eyes is one of the most life-changing events anyone could have and it was this philosophy that led her to strive for a more innovative experience for all musically attuned students.

“We talked about what the club would be like and what I had to do to get it started,” Edwards said. “They said they liked the idea.”

Unlike any other music program, this new form of choir is unique in two ways. The first is that it could be considered an extracurricular that is not counted towards any grading system like our normal choir classes. The second significant difference is that the club has no auditions whatsoever. “You don’t need to be the best singer to join,” Edwards said.

Rather than have a teacher who hand picks the composition even before the beginning of the school year starts.

The guidance counselor’s response to the idea she said was very enthusiastic and overall supportive to the potential that she had shown them. Her results from this meeting was a word of approval and the advice of recruiting a sponsor before the club can be officially established. As of recently, Dallas has started asking around the school for anyone who is interested to sign a petition.

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