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ABLE helps students with special needs thrive

By Wah Htoo

The special needs class is no different from the classes that any other students attend. They would come in and learn just as any regular class would said head teacher Althea Sawalski. The students and the teachers of this class are there for the same as anyone and everyone. They are there to learn

They are all hard workers and learn and study and play like any class says nurse Janne Danos. They are no less from regular classes and should be treated as such. They all are just like regular students who want to learn and be better.

The students of the class are there to learn. Not being able to communicate, they turn to learning as much as they can with the best of their abilities. They sit, they listen and they learn. They learn and study and work. They are all generally happy and smart kids and they work hard.

“It’s harder for them to learn than for use to teach them,” said head teacher Althea Sawalski

The occupational therapist for the group, Andrea Demola, was impressed with their determination and willpower.

“They’re amazing,”said Andrea Demola “They’re an amazing group of kids and they can do a lot more than meets the eye.”

This is the main point in this class. The students don’t have “regular” abilities but they make up for it by determination and resolve.

The teachers of the students are amazing, as well. They work hard to teach and they love it.

“It’s very hard to teach them but it’s very rewarding,” said Althea Sawalski, the head teacher in the class. “But they’re unique and very different with different personalities that will show the more you get to know them.”

The teachers include the main teacher, Sawalski, three assistants, seven student helpers and more. The people there teach the kids with patience and equality. They never judge the students  and try to educate them and help them communicate. They teach the students by helping them learn to communicate if there is no one there to help. They show them that they have to speak up if in trouble or no one can help. They also teach the kids to try other activities in the world and introduce them to more and unique things every day.

Their class is no different from any other classes. the only difference is that they have extraordinary people with an amazing resolve. The kids do not communicate with their words but with their actions. They yell if they can’t express their anger or cry if they can’t express sadness or frustration. They can’t tell you how they feel but with patience anyone can learn to understand and learn. If accomplished people will see an amazing group of people that can inspire and motivate the hearts of others without even uttering a word.

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