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Q&A: Rock the Runway

By Karen Reyes

Taylor Tuominen, a senior at Batavia High School, is the Creative Director for “Rock the Runway,” a fashion show put on to display the artistic talent of students at BHS. She answered some questions about requirements and what the show is all about.


Q: How long has Rock the Runway been put on?

A: “This will be the eighth year.”


Q: What different components are there to the show?

A: “There is an accessories boutique along with the regular dress and wearable art portion of the show.”


Q:  How many designers take part in one show?

A: “It varies from year to year, but we usually have between 30 to 40 designers.”


Q:  What are the rules for participating as a designer?

A: “The only rule is that there can be no fabric showing on the finished piece.”


Q: Are there different parts of the show? If so, what do you think is the most exciting?

A: “There is the first part where all the models walk the runway. Then everyone goes into the hallways and can talk with the designers and models about their pieces. Lastly, everyone goes back into the BFAC and then the winners in each category are announced.”


Q: Can anyone from any grade be a designer?

A: “Anyone in the high school can be a designer.”


Q: How much preparation goes into the show?

A: “The creative directors start planning for the next show immediately after the previous show ends, so we spend a year or more – depending on the show date – planning and constructing things for the next show.”


Q: What do you enjoy the most about it?

A: “My favorite part is when everyone gets together for the show and you get to see all of the designs that everyone has put so much of their time and effort into.”


Q: What do you think the audience enjoys about it?

A:  “I think the audience’s favorite part is getting to talk to the designers and hear all about their designs.”


Q: Would you recommend this event for students to go see or to participate in, in the future?

A: “I would definitely recommend that students come and see the show. A lot of work goes into making this show a reality and it is definitely worth seeing.”

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