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By Maggie Boersma

Yesterday morning, my (1)______ and I ran all the way to the (2)______ stop! We were almost late! We got to our first class, (3)______ Ed, right as the (4)______ bell rang. After a (5)______ block, I walked to the (6)______. I hungrily stared at the (7)______. After my (8)______ arrived, we sat down at a (9)______ to wait for our (10)______ and (11)______. All of a sudden (12)______ went flying through the air! They had tripped on a chair, spilling their (13)______ all over! It was crazy!

1. Noun                            2. Vehicle

3. Noun                            4. Adjective

5. Adjective                     6. Place at school

7. Food item                   8. Plural noun

9. Noun                           10. Noun

11. Noun                          12. Name of someone in the room

13. Food item

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