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Creepystories that are sure to give chills

By Claire Gearhart

Some people love the feeling of being scared. Research says it’s because you experience the same feeling if you were to go skydiving or cliff jumping into lakes, it’s about the heart rate rising. It’s a thrill-seeking activity. People search out things to make them feel scared or unsafe. A way many people search for these things is by reading or watching CreepyPastas. These are scary stories, but it’s hard to find the ones that are truly crap your pants, can’t sleep, sit around in the middle of the night with your lights on scary. These are our list of the Top three scariest CreepyPastas in no particular order.

  1. “The Russian Sleep Experiment”

This one is sure to give anyone chills no matter where or when you listen to it. This story takes about 14 minutes to read and is perfect for reading at Halloween parties and getting everyone into a creepy mood. This story explains an experiment that took place into the 1940s where they took five subjects and forced them to stay awake for 30 days. But, as the days went by the after effects began to grow much more terrifying. The subjects began to turn inhuman and ends with a horrifying plot-twist.

Find it here:

  1. “Psychosis”

Taking around 25 minutes to read, this is a chilling tale of a man who spends many days alone in his basement apartment away from human contact, and when he’s finally ready to go out he can’t find anyone. He has a looming sense of fear that gets stronger the longer the story goes on as he begins to realize that the only conversations he’s had with people have been through devices, and that those conversations have been about only things that have been visible through his camera lense. This story is not one to read alone. As the story progresses he realizes he may be the only one left and ends on a creepy and unbelieveable note.

Find it here:

  1. “Gateway of the Mind”

This horrifying take on talking to God tells of an experiment where scientists took a man and took away every sense that he had. The man could not hear, smell, taste, see, or feel anything. The man was still able to talk and his muscles were still working. The scientists hoped that by doing this the man would be able to establish a communication with God. As the experiment progresses the man told of what he was experiencing. This story takes only five minutes to read, but it’s truly horrifying in telling what he experiences as he is purged from everything in the physical world.

Find it here:

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