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Can you finish these Lion King lyrics?


“I Just Can’t Wait To Be King”

  1.   “I’m brushing up on looking down I’m working on my _____!”

“Circle of Life”

  1.      “Nants ingonyama _____ baba.”

“Hakuna Matata”

  1.      “It’s a problem free _____ Hakuna matata.”

Can you Feel the Love Tonight”

  1.      “The world, for once, in perfect _____ with all its living things.”

Be Prepared”

  1.      “Yes, my teeth and _____ are bared be prepared!”

“We Are One”

  1.      “One thing nothing can ______ Is our pride, deep inside.”

“Love Will Find A Way”

  1.      “They can have the ______ we’ll create our own.”

My Lullaby”

  1.      “The melody of angry growls a counterpoint of painful _____.”

They Live In You”

  1.      “They live in you they live in me they’re ______ over everything we see.”

He Lives In You”

  1.     “Wait, there’s no _____ too great hear the words and have faith.”




  1. ROAR
  2. Bagithi
  3. Philosophy
  4. Harmony
  5. Ambitions
  6. Destroy
  7. World
  8. Howls
  9. Watching
  10. Mountain
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