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How to be a better artist

By Wah Htoo

There are four different principles to become an artist. These elements are patience, practice, perseverance, and fun.

Leonardo Da Vinci took 12 years to paint the Mona Lisa’s lips perfectly. Da Vinci took a great amount of time, drawing, painting, and revising his work. This is what made Da Vinci a great artist. Da Vinci had one of the key concepts of art: patience. Throughout the years, Da Vinci made numerous masterpieces. These paintings are priceless in the present and so was the time Da Vinci used to paint them. Time is what he used to paint and having patience and not rushing.

One of his greatest masterpiece “The Last Supper” took Da Vinci four years to complete. This is a reason why patience is a principle of art. If an artist has patience, he/she can accomplish anything by taking it slowly. No one should stop or give up on art. It might take a lot of time but as long as a person has patience they can and will accomplish what they are after.

Another principle of art is perseverance. If people don’t try and continue to make their art perfectly the way they want it, then it won’t end up as well as they wanted. Perseverance is a principle of art because its is what makes art great. If great artists like Da Vinci did not take his time or gave up on the Mona Lisa then we wouldn’t have such amazing pieces of art that we do now.

Perseverance is what is used when artist have a big project or trying to project their art. If any of the great artists gave up or didn’t try as hard then what would be the point in starting the piece in the first place?

Practice is the third most important principle of art and very important to beginners. No one in this world starts out great. No one improves on a whim without trying. Even if they  were graced with amazing art skills they cannot improve without any practice. This is especially important for beginners as when they’re doing art; you would want to practice to be better

Anyone can improve anything they do as long as they practice. Sure people with talent might learn faster but no one should feel the need to catch up. All they have to do is practice so they can be proud of their own work. In the end practicing drawing, painting or even coloring, anyone can improve as long as they practice.

Fun is the fourth, but the arguably most important concept to many artists. The other three concepts are very important but enjoying oneself while creating art is the most important. Sure people can be  great artists without enjoying art. As long as you follow the first three concepts anyone can be good, but without the concept of fun, the art piece will not turn out the best it could be. Having fun while making art is the most important principle because if people put their heart into what they are creating and giving it there all it will be great even if it doesn’t look the part. For people to enjoy and give it there all in art and be happy, anyone can become a great artist as long as you have fun.

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