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Top 10 restaurants in Batavia

Abby Barry

In Batavia, there are many restaurants to discover and enjoy, from Thai to your classic burger joint, but most people don’t know of all the restaurants here.

According to Tripadvisor, Gaetano’s is the number one restaurant in Batavia. It is an Italian restaurant that serves all homemade food and the servings are huge but they are so good you’ll be able to finish it all. A recent review gave Gaetano’s five stars and said that you could tell all of the food was made from scratch and that the service was great. It is not the cheapest place to go, but for a special occasion, it would be a pleasing meal.

The second restaurant is Tusk Thai Cuisine. They serve Thai food that is something different you could go out and try. Tusk Thai Cuisine is a small, quiet place that you can enjoy right here in Batavia. People say that it is a must to go and eat there and that the food is very enjoyable.

Another great restaurant is Lumes House of Pancakes. You can get delicious breakfast foods and they are also open for lunch. There can be a bit of a wait on the weekends but during the week there usually isn’t a wait. You can always expect a refill right away on your coffee and big portions so you may have to take some home!

A town favorite has to be Pal Joeys. They are well-known for their pizza. They offer the option of ordering out or sit down at the restaurant. They also offer other Italian foods and appetizers. There is outside seating beside the Fox River. It is very nice on a nice warm day to be able to eat outside and enjoy a nice view. People say that the service is very good and that the prices are very reasonable.

A different type of restaurant to go to would be Swordfish. The menu is mostly sushi and according to others the presentations of the food is flawless. They have vegetarian options for those who don’t like the fish in their sushi. The prices are a little expensive but not too much for going with a few friends or another person.

This little quick Chinese place called East China Inn is always a favorite take-out place in Batavia. The lunch special is a steal that includes soup, fried rice, and an egg roll for only six dollars. The portions are satisfying and always are delicious and cooked just right. It is a great spot when you don’t have time to cook at home or feel like getting some takeout.

The restaurant El Taco Grande is an authentic Mexican restaurant in Downtown Batavia located on the river walk. It is small and very authentic restaurant that a lot of people know and love. The service is always great and it is a very pleasurable to go and eat. Going here could also give you a good experience on  different cultures.

Open Range American Grill is a classic American restaurant with great food that is enjoyable. There are a ton of options on the menu to choose from. The food is cooked perfectly to your desire, especially the burgers that are well loved at Open Range American Grill. At the restaurant, they have a nice screened-in porch that is wonderful to sit at in the spring or summertime.

Tribella Bar & Grill is a fun place to go for appetizers with friends. Lots of people go there for their favorable appetizers people have never had anything else like them. It can be a little pricey especially if you get food and not just appetizers. A good time can be held here and can include good food and good times.

The last restaurant is not really a restaurant but a really cute breakfast/donut place. It is Dimples Donuts. This is a great spot to go on a weekend morning for delicious donuts for families to enjoy. They offer different types of homemade donuts. The pricing method could be a bit confusing but they won’t be charging you the wrong price!

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