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“The Meaning of Life” with Addy Novak

The Adventurer

“I want to travel the world!”

By: Maddie Durso

One thing I would like to accomplish before I die is being able to find pure happiness in whatever I decide to do with my life.

If I had one wish I would wish for everyone in the world getting something to smile about once a day.  

The thing that I am most proud of myself for is always believing in myself and not letting others get me down.

If I could relive one moment of my life it would be swimming in the state finals, because at that point I realized that throughout all of the pressure and support of others on me, the only one in your life that can control your mind and body, is yourself.

My favorite part of every year is going on trips to different places so I can experience     different parts of the world.

In ten years I see myself somewhere that makes me happy with a job that gives me pleasure and people to share my life experience with.  

One thing I could never live without is my family and friends who support me through everything.  

Something that always makes me happy is seeing people genuinely believe in and support others without any type of jealousy.

If I could meet anyone in the world it would be Albert Einstein, so he could tell me about all of the courage it takes to pass on ridiculous ideas that, in his case, changed the world.  

In my life I am most grateful for the things that I use everyday because people take for granted little things that took lots of work for someone in the past to make.

The thing I value most in a friendship is the trust between the friends.

If I could travel anywhere for a week starting tomorrow I would go to a culture completely different than the one I am in now, so I can experience the differences.

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