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Pumpkin patch madlib

By Carly Casper

It is a (adjective) day out in the wonderful season of fall. You are going to a pumpkin patch to pick a pumpkin to carve. You arrive at the pumpkin farm in your (vehicle) and it is a sea of orange. Browsing the pumpkins, you see a very (adjective) pumpkin. You walk over to it and pick it up. The pumpkin is very heavy- it weighs (amount of pounds)! Your arms weaken and the pumpkin falls on your (body part). You yell out in pain. You (action verb) over to a bench feeling   (emotion). An older woman with (color) hair walks over to you. “What happened sweetie?” she asks. “A pumpkin fell on my (same body part),” you reply. “Oh no! Let’s get you some warm   (type of drink). And how about we give you a pumpkin for free because of the inconvenience. Alrighty?”. “That would be great!” you cheer. After you finish your (same type of drink) you load the (adjective ending in -est) pumpkin in the patch, and you drive home in your (vehicle). “That was a crazy day,” you think to yourself. You are (adjective). You collapse onto your couch, turn on (TV show), and fall into a long nap.

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