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By Wah Htoo

There are many types of skateboards and different places and scenarios of when people should use them.

skateboard_01Normal: These skateboards are what people would regularly see at a skate park or on the streets. It is what people would use to start off skating
because it’s easier to get used to and ride. It also is used for tricks since they are the easiest out of the three basic skateboards to do them. These skateboards are great for beginners and for almost all roads except grass or mud. It also has thousands of modifications since it’s so widespread that people can now change the shape, and color, as well as add to the speed or control depending on what they would prefer. Regular skateboards sell from $50-$200 and if they are custom made the cost would range from $90-$500.


Longboards are long, aerodynamic skateboards made for moving around. Its shape and size help it moves around better and longer than a regular skateboard. Due to its size, it is not meant for tricks but for traveling or cruising. It also can be customized just like normal skateboards and has hundreds or patterns and modifications. The longboard also has a variety of types and shapes like downhill, drop through, carving, pintails and more. Downhill longboards are better for downhills while drop through longboards is better for stability and easy cruising. Each variety of longboard is specified for a specific task or purpose. They are seen usually on the streets as people will use them for a relaxing cruise or get to a place that’s far. Longboards usually cost from $50-$300 dollars while making a customized longboard might cost more or less depending on what is used and how much the materials cost.

Penny Boards:   5a08f264cc0ede70f7fe4ceb222c9ac7

Penny Boards are used for speed. It’s small and aerodynamic, making it very fast. Since it has less weight it can move a lot faster and takes less time to slow down. These boards are good for a fast travel but horrible for cruising. They don’t have a lot of control and they are very hard to turn. It’s not the most popular skateboard out of the three because its doesn’t have enough control to be enjoyable like the other two types. It is most often used for fast travel on flat straight roads and streets. It costs up to $60-$120 in stores or more depending on modifications.

There have also been other skateboards that have been invented from these basic three boards to make skating more fun. These include the power board, which is used to ride without propelling yourself. It has an electric motor, which is wirelessly connected to a hand-held remote that operates the speed and movement of the board. They are not used a lot only for the fact that a regular boosted board costs $1000+.

boosted-board-2nd-genAnother board that was made is the ripstik board , a skateboard that keeps moving as long as you keep moving your feet back and forth. They are not that widespread but people still know about it. It is mostly used just for fun. It is not used much and is not recommended for beginners. It is also very hard to master as it  would take time to learn to balance well enough for it to keep moving. It regularly costs $30-$65.wah

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