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How to pull off Halpert’s Hijinx!

The Office, one of the greatest running comedy shows to grace the television screen, has been attempted by other directors again and again; to no avail. One of the most signature characters, Jim Halpert, is world renown for his pranks and hijinx throughout all nine seasons of the show. These are breakdowns of the best 3 pranks Jim ever attempted.


  • Jello Prank- This prank, in which Jim encapsulated Dwight’s stapler within jello and created the time ending battle of pranks, is perfectly doable for anybody with a little spare time on their hands.

Ingredients- Yellow jello mix, boiling water, jello mold, bowl or cup, and a personal yellow cup of jello.


1) Create jello. Follow box instructions.

2) Pour jello into the mold and place a bowl or cup in the middle to create a pocket.   (just enough space to hold a stapler).

3) After hardened, set stapler upside down inside of the jello and pour more jello around stapler until the pan is full.

4) Let dry.

5) Hide away until the victim returns to find their jello-covered stapler.

6) Be waiting for your victim with a spoon and your cup of jello just to remind them who’s in charge.


  • Quad Desk (WARNING DANGER)- Quad Desk, an image of fear and triumph among office and school environments alike, is one that with great willpower one can manage to replicate and in duality fulfill Jim’s dynasty after his hopes were dashed with the destruction of the Mega Desk.

Ingredients- Four desks, a chair, office supplies, and perseverance


1) Gather four desks of your choosing that will suffice to serve as the Quad Desk (you

need at least two sturdy desks).

2) Begin work on your structure, starting with either two desks on the bottom and two on

the top side by side or two stacked on top of each other, reaching a staggering height of

three desks.

3) Revel in the hard work you have put in to build this manifestation as you sit atop your

tribute to Jim’s legacy and smugly look down at those lowly workers at their simple desk.


  • Nickels in the Phone- Phone feeling heavy? That’s probably because you’ve got change in your phone, courtesy of Jim Halpert. Such a simple and unnoticeable prank like this may not have the sudden wow factor many prankers enjoy but this idea is sure to bring a daily joy to any mundane worker.

Ingredients- Loose change (preferably nickels due to small size and heavy weight) and somebody with a landline phone


1) Find a friend or acquaintance with a landline phone (one that has a cable out the back

and a handheld phone).

2) Begin by choosing any given day and put one solitary piece of change within the

handheld portion of the landline.

3) Repeat step two until the phone is filled to absolute capacity and hope that the victim has not already become privy to the secret.

4) One day after you are certain the victim is unaware and is accustomed to the included weight, remove the coins and watch as the victim lifts and hits himself with the seemingly light phone piece.

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