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Top ten Playstation 4 games

By Logan Elders

People who are thinking about getting the Playstation 4 system now might miss the instant classics that have already come out on the platform, so here are the top ten PS4 games Playstation 4 owners can’t miss.

  1. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: This game is fantastic with its theme of the American revolution and its interesting characters like Jacob and Eve. Even though the combat and murder technics are fun to mess around with, the reason this game is number 10 is because the plot became boring later in the game.   
  1. Grand Theft Auto 5: The graphics are so pleasing to look at and the story mode is exciting because the game switches between the lives of Franklin, Trevor, and Michael. The online is even more of a thrill if the player has some friends to play with because they can race cars, have shooting battles, and steal jets. The reason this game is at number nine is because for awhile the game was originally on the PS3 and also the story mode became very difficult.
  1. Infamous Second Son: This game is great because the gameplay starts almost immediately and the dialogue between the two brothers, Delsin and Reggie, is hilarious. With unique powers to control that change up the game, the reason this game is at number eight is because it’s too short.     
  1. Ratchet and Clank: The graphics are breathtaking, the dialogue is funny and light hearted, and the gameplay is so addictive. The reason this game is number seven is because besides the collectibles, it has poor replay value.  
  1. Overwatch: Each character has their own unique characteristics and personalities which makes them fun to control. The game has only online multiplayer where there are two teams in capture the flag-like matches. The reason this game is at number six is because it doesn’t have a story mode and it’s hard to communicate with people online.   
  1. Uncharted collection: Uncharted has a perfect balance of combat, with guns picked up during the game, and puzzles that need to be completed to venture further in the game. The reason this game is at number five is even though the three Uncharted games are really good, they get tedious after a while if the player doesn’t take a break.
  1. Dying Light: The reason this game is different than other zombie horror games is that it has an emphasis on parkour when traversing the city and less about actually killing the zombies. The reason this game is at number four is because it’s really slow in the beginning.  
  1. Fallout 4: In Fallout 4 the player plays as a character that they customized going through the wastelands after a nuclear attack searching for their character’s son that was stolen when they were frozen in cryogenic sleep for 200 years. In this game almost any object in the world can be pick up and used to survive, so there’s endless possibilities. The reason that this game is at number three is because the world can be overwhelming at times because it’s so big.  
  1. The Last of Us Remastered: This game is great because it really makes the player feel for the characters like Joel seeing his daughter die in his arms or Ellie losing her parents. The Last of Us focuses more on stealth rather than killing the infected, so it becomes more of a strategy game. The reason this game is at number two is because I wasn’t satisfied with the ending.
  1. Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End: The environments are great, taking Drake all around the world and there’s more stealth in this game which allows him to do insane stealth kills. The graphics look so close to real life it blows my mind and the dialogue is still as charming and funny as the other three games in the series. This game is at number one because I had a great experience playing the game and I can’t find a single negative about it.
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