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REVIEW: Green Day’s new album does not dissapoint

By Julia Pelech

On Oct. 7, the American pop-punk band, Green Day released a new album titled Revolution Radio. This is the first new album since 2012 for the three current members: Billie Joe Armstrong, Tré Cool, and Mike Dirnt. This album is a great representation of Green Day’s style. I’ve been a fan of this band for a couple of years, and I have never been disappointed with their music.

Just like old times, the album is full of political opinion. “Bang Bang,” the first of three songs released early, starts out with clips of reporters talking about executions. The lyrics are meant to be a dive into the mind of a potential mass shooter. Green Day is trying to get the point across that there has been too much violence lately, and I fully support them in this statement.

This band has been known to be very liberal in their views, and this album is no stray away from this. I, personally, am a liberal, so this just boosts my rating of Revolution Radio. The new album has had mixed reviews, but everyone can agree on the fact that this album is political. Armstrong, the lead singer, told Rolling Stone that the album is not a direct blow to politics, but it is definitely an expression of anger at this country’s current political standpoint.

As far as the music goes, the album stays close to Green Day’s earlier music, but it also strays away in other songs. The band has had different sounds while ultimately being a rock band. This new album has added a slight alternative spin on their style. There is one acoustic song, “Ordinary World,”  which I would consider to be my least favorite song. I have never been a fan of acoustic music, but I am personally a fan of this album as a whole. I think it embodies their style for the most part, and it does not sound like a band that is tired after being together for over a quarter century. Their songs usually incorporate unique guitar riffs and thoughtful lyrics and I feel that Green Day has delivered on those aspects.

Until early this month, Green Day hadn’t made a new album since 2012, and I am glad that they came back so strong. This album is an awesome representation of this band’s true potential, and I hope they keep up the good work. The members of the band are all doing well, and are currently on their Revolution Radio Tour with a sold-out Chicago show on Sun., Oct. 23.

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