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‘Meaning of Life’ with Grace Skiba

By Abby Kent

Grace Skiba

The possible artist

“I got into drawing by picking up a crayon as a child and never putting it back down.”

My favorite thing to do in my free time is draw, watch Netflix, and hang out with my friends.

I got into drawing by picking up a crayon as a child and never putting it back down.

In art I like seeing different styles and the concepts behind pieces.

My opinion on art is I like everything about art and I like to draw inspiration from other artists. I guess I’m an artist but I’m not as into art as I used to be.

Art has affected my life because it affects my personality and the people I like. I tend to be friends with other artistic people.

My favorite season is fall because the weather is a perfect temperature, the holidays are starting, and everything looks really pretty.

My hobbies are playing orchestra, doing art, playing guitar, and reading.

I think success is achieved by being really motivated and determined to reach your goal.

My favorite movie is Moonrise Kingdom because it’s really cute and I like to watch it while doing other things.

In terms of goals, I don’t have many detailed goals. I guess I want to finish high school with a high GPA and all of that, and get into a really good college on the East Coast.

My biggest wish is to live in New York one day and have a really cool job and a really cool cat.

The proudest moment in my life so far has been nothing yet. I haven’t done much.

If I only had one day to live I would spend it with my two best friends doing whatever we’ve always wanted to do.

My biggest fear is spiders and dying because I’m not super religious so I have no idea what happens after death and that’s literally terrifying. Spiders are just super gross.

If I won the lottery I would probably save half of it and then give the other half to my mom or my brother.

In 10 years hopefully I’d have a glow up (an incredible transformation), and I hope I’d figure out my life because I have no idea right now.

If I could spend the day with anyone I would choose Ryan Ross but when he was younger. I’d want to hear about his life and his writing.

The most influential person in my life is no one – I don’t think anyone really is. I’m influenced by nothing and everything.

My parents have made an impact on my life because my dad has made me look lightly at literally everything because he’s not a very serious guy. My mom has made me see the importance of being classy.

My favorite holiday is Christmas because it’s super cozy and happy. Everything about that time of the year is perfect.

My favorite food is Pad Thai. I don’t know why, it’s just really good.

Out of a dog person and a cat person, I’d consider myself both because cats and dogs are both cute and awesome.

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