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Six reasons why fall season is amazing

By Brooke Meyer

Trick-or-Treating just ended and the spooky ghost stories have disappeared, but don’t fear Thanksgiving is just around the corner. The trees are colorful, and yards are covered in leaves. The time has come: fall is here. Here are just a few reasons why the fall season is amazing.

  1. Fall Clothing

Who doesn’t love fall clothing? It’s time for the cute sweaters, boots, flannels, scarves, jeans, and big sweatshirts to come out of your closet.

  1. Weather

The weather isn’t too bad during the fall. At times it becomes super cold, but then some days it feels like it’s a summer day. The leaves in the trees change into fun colors and the nice sunshine but with a light cold breeze. It’s the perfect mix.

  1. Football season

Football season is the best time in the school when everybody gets together and cheers on their school. Everybody loves watching their school football team play on Friday nights against their rivals.

  1. It’s close to Christmas

Once Halloween ends, there’s only have 55 days until Christmas, and who doesn’t love Christmas!

  1. Thanksgiving

Once Halloween ends, people go into Christmas mood and forget about Thanksgiving, which who could. It’s a time for feasting. Who couldn’t say no? Also, this is a great way to be thankful for what you have and spend time with family.

  1. Coffee

A perfect hot, tasteful drink to enjoy at this time of the year, of  course. It’s the best only in fall.

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