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Special promotional deals at local fast food restaurants

By Abby Barry

Many fast food or chain restaurants offer free food if customers do something to get that offer. When restaurants offer these sales, it brings in more customers than they would usually have on a regular day. Even if the food that they’re offering is free, customers usually buy another thing like a drink or it’s only one per party and they have to buy the rest of the food for the original price. Many places do something that is fun for children and adults like dressing up in some theme or sportswear. It can also provide extra advertising for the restaurant because the people that hear about it first go and tell their friends and they could end up going and buying food, too.

Some of the deals that restaurants have offered are:

  • Dress up like a cow and get a free chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-a
  • Wear your Cubs gear and get buy one get one free of a burrito bowl, burrito, salad, or tacos at Chipotle
  • Dress up in a Halloween costume on Halloween and get a three dollar burrito bowl, burrito, salad, or tacos at Chipotle
  • If the Cubs steal a base come to Taco Bell the next day to get a free taco
  • Fill out an online survey to get a free large fry at your next visit at Portillo’s
  • Buona Beef offered free Italian beef if the Cubs win
  • Free breakfast for mothers at McDonald’s on Mother’s Day
  • Free Slurpee from Seven-Eleven on 7/11 (July 11)
  • 31 percent off on any purchase from Baskin Robbins on the 31st day of any month
  • Fifty cent small frosty at Wendy’s during the summer, and in Batavia if you come in a uniform for any sport they will give you a free frosty

Deals like these are fun for families and others. It brings in lots of business for the restaurants and is fun for people to participate in. Make sure you keep your eyes open for special deals like this at local restaurants.

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