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Top ten Christmas movies

By Brad Balicki


1. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

The Griswolds are back at it again and they are preparing for something special this holiday season. Whether it’s the trip for the Christmas tree, or a good ole’ bob sledding race, this wacky go-lucky family is sure to crack a smile upon a person’s face.


2. Elf

Ever wonder what it’s like for to live with Santa and his little helpers? Watch as Buddy, the happy-go-lucky elf, navigates his way through the real world and finds his biological father in this truly heartwarming comedy for the holidays.


3. Home Alone

Being home alone as a kid can vary depending on the type of person. It’s either a love or hate relationship for people, and in this case, Kevin would have to cut his celebration short. Little does he know that while his parents are away for the holidays, two thieves would try to take advantage of this situation. Will he stand his ground and prevail over the assailants? Find out by watching this cult classic film.


4. A Christmas Story

Christmas as a child is surely a memorable time for anyone and everyone, whether it be mom’s special Christmas ham or fun times spent with family members young and old. Now take the loveable memories and flip them upside down. Watch as we follow Ralphie recalling his Christmas holidays and hijinks in this loveable classic.


5. Scrooged

With a new take on the classic Christmas Carol, we follow Bill Murray’s character through his life as he navigates his way through visits by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future. Will he change his ways and be more compassionate? Find out in this fantastic interpretation of a classic play.


6. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Imagine if you will a holiday with all of your fears and bad dreams combined into one horrifying day. Tim Burton’s take on Christmas is not only frightening but at the same time entertaining to watch. Watch as Jack Skellington makes his discovery of the jolly times of Christmas in this disturbing classic.


7. It’s A Wonderful Life

Times have been tough in the early 1930s, and it couldn’t get any tougher than the collapse of our economy in 1929, leaving many citizens across America jobless, homeless, and desperate. But one man hopes to change that this holiday season. Grab your  popcorn and your favorite blanket and watch this heartwarming tale.


8. A Christmas Carol (1999 edition)

It’s Christmas Eve and the clock strikes midnight. Suddenly, the ghost of Christmas past appears from the shadows of the night telling of woes and warnings alike. Watch Dickens’s interpretation of the holiday spirit by following an old, grumpy man overcome his harsh demeanor. It’ll surely be a classic that won’t be regrettable seeing.


9. Frosty The Snowman

Frosty has become a worldwide icon for many years and has brought joy to children young and old everywhere. Once the magical top hat is worn, his energy is surely limitless. Witness as this loveable symbol of the holiday spirit goes on a quest to spread the Christmas joy.


10. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Nixon: these reindeer and more are a part of the memorable team that delivers gifts to kids everywhere across the globe. But none of these kids would get their gifts without the help of Rudolph. Watch this lovable red-nosed reindeer lead the way on a mission to bring happiness to kids everywhere on Christmas Eve.

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