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Five worst movies of the year

By Maggie Boersma

As the year draws to a close, this list has been compiled of the least grossing movies of the year. Whether the flop is from lack of publicity or because it was just plain bad, these are the worst flops of 2016.

  1. Gods of Egypt

This film, released on Feb. 24, took place in ancient Egypt. In the movie, the gods need help from a mortal man to save mankind. The film’s budget was $140 million, and made $145 million. The film was seen as unrealistic and the actors were rather dull throughout it, making it fairly unpopular throughout America.

  1. Ghostbusters

A reboot of the famous series, Ghostbusters was very controversial and unpopular. Starring nearly all female leads, the film received lots of criticism and poor reviews. The humor was seen as crude and poorly delivered. Rated three out of five by Common Sense Media, this movie was silly but did not do well in theaters.

  1. The BFG

In this movie based off of the award-winning book The BFG, a girl finds herself in the land of giants. Surprisingly, this lovely story of a girl and a giant working together did not do well in theaters. The movie made $141 million – the exact same as its production budget, according to Rated 6.6 out of 10 by IMDb, this film could have done better, as it did not have a uniqueness needed by such films.

  1. Warcraft

This film follows the story of orcs as they flee their dying world. Attempting to take over Earth, both sides begin to question if war will help their problems. This flop grossed only $44 million dollars in America, making it an impressive flop.

  1. Ben-Hur

This movie had a colossal budget of $100 million, but flopped magnificently in theaters. This movie tells the story of a young man who loses everything after being accused of treason. He must endure years of slavery, until finally he gets his chance for freedom in the form of a chariot race. Rated 5.7 out of 10 by IMDb, this film grossed just $26 million, making it one of the least grossing films compared to the budget of the year.

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