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Top five best ice cream places

By Lauren Casper

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Who does not love this tasty treat. The best ice cream places are ranked 1-5 to show where someone should go for some great ice cream! Read through the ice cream places to see where to go for dessert tonight!

  1. Culver’s

In the number five spot, Culver’s is known for their butter burgers and cheese curds, but their Wisconsin custard tops it all! With so many flavors to choose from, you will always be pleased. The famous flavor of the day is a delight, changing from Chocolate Strawberry to Butter Pecan to Brownie Thunder. Also, concrete mixers are a tasty treat to try because you can add whatever toppings, like Oreos or caramel. Stop in to Culver’s and try their custard; it is amazing!

  1. Colonial Cafe

Everyone knows what Colonial Cafe is known for: their kitchen sink! Served in an actual sink, there are several scoops of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. Whipped cream is loaded on along with chocolate, caramel, and a cherry on top. What’s not to love? One can enjoy this with friends or try to finish it all by themselves. Besides the famous kitchen sink, the cafe has sundaes and shakes that are savory! This is why Colonial Cafe is in the number four spot.

  1. Batavia Creamery

Number three is Batavia Creamery which is the best local ice creamery! They have many unique flavors that may not be found anywhere else, including Cookie Monster and Superman. With over 40 flavors, there is something for everyone at this small ice cream shop. Stop by the Creamery and enjoy some good ice cream!

  1. Steak ‘n Shake

Steak ‘n Shake’s shakes are the best around! There are so many yummy flavors to choose from. The place was founded in 1934! They have classic shakes, specialty shakes, and seasonal shakes. Caramel apple is a fall favorite flavor and they have holiday shakes like the eggnog flavor. Served with a cherry and whipped cream, these shakes are to die for! They are very satisfying because of their flavor which is why they earned the number two spot!

  1. Oberweis

Oberweis seems to be everyone’s favorite ice cream place so it stole the number one spot. They have amazing quality ice cream and good service. With flavors like coffee, black cherry, chocolate, and many more, there is something for everyone. The ice cream is very rich and delicious! It is family owned and operated, they deliver, and they give tours to show how it’s all made. Vanilla is a classic so go and try some Oberweis today!

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