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REVIEW: Go down to Kimmer’s for a sweet treat!

By Abby Barry

Kimmer’s is located in downtown Saint Charles and is perfect spot for a sweet treat. All of their ice cream is homemade and delicious. They offer many flavors that can be from just plain chocolate or vanilla to coffee and donuts.

The ice cream made at Kimmer’s is so good that people are able to buy little pints of it. They also make different types of cakes and pies for people to enjoy at their home and with other family and friends.

If someone is feeling a little outside of the box and doesn’t just want a plain scoop of ice cream, they offer other items too like shakes, smoothies, and sundaes. Some new items that they have recently added to their menu are different types of ice cream sandwiches, and mini ice cream pies. They offer many different kinds of cones there too like sugar cones, dipped sugar cones, cake cones, waffle cones, many different dipped waffle cones, waffle bowls, and dipped waffle bowls.

One of the things that is best about going there is just the environment of the restaurant. Walking in it feels like an ice cream parlor because of the black and white checkered floors with the little old table and chairs set up throughout the restaurant. There are also bars looking out the window with stools. The whole restaurant is painted pink of course because that is their signature color. They even have pink sparkly dipped sugar cones that they offer.

Kimmer’s is the perfect place to go on a day when craving something sweet and delicious. They have lots of items on their menu to choose from and try. And don’t forget that it doesn’t have to be hot out just to eat ice cream; Kimmer’s is open all year around!

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