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Top five Jackie Chan movies

By Wah Htoo

Jackie Chan has made has produced up to 150 films and has been on multiple tv shows. Overall, these following five movies are the best he has ever produced.

  1. Supercop: One of the most viewed Chan movies of all time it was the movie that integrated the martial artist to the U.S.A. Appealing to audiences worldwide made this movie very successful selling more than 16 million dollars and won Chan the Hong Kong film award for “Best Actor“. The movie is rated 96 percent on Rotten Tomatoes rating and was a 5/5 on Amazon.

Preview: To infiltrate a drug gang, police inspector Chan Ka Kui goes undercover in a Chinese prison then gains the trust of one of the drug lords by breaking him out of prison. After that, Ka Kui achieves the help of another undercover agent as they travel to Hong Kong to join up the Panther gang leader. But a problem arises as Ka Kui’s girlfriend ends up blowing his cover. See how everything turns out in the third movie of the franchise which provides great action and a good laugh.

  1. Crime Story: A spin-off of the police story Crime Story, did just as well. The sales sold HK $27,457,147 at the Hong Kong box office, winning Chan the Golden Horse Award for “Best Actor”. The movie reached 94 percent Rotten Tomatoes and rated 4/5 in Amazon.

Preview: In this movie, Chan protects a wealthy business magnate. But the businessman is kidnaped in an ambush. Chan teams up with a seasoned detective to solve the case. But discovers that the case is simply not that simple.

  1. Police Story: The first of three “Police Story” was Chan’s breakthrough film and broke the ethnic boundaries in Hong Kong. The film  made HK $26,626,760 in the Hong Kong box office. Critics viewed it as an “amazing set piece” winning the “Best Picture” and “Best Action Choreography” in the Hong Kong film awards. The movie was all and all rated 83 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and 4.5/5 on Amazon.

Preview: As a  virtuous Hong Kong police officer Chan must clear his name when drug lords frame his name for the murder of a dirty cop. Follow Chan for his first ever detective story and go along with him to solve the case.

  1. Drunken Master II: One of Chan’s best martial arts movies it did great in Hong Kong and was almost immediately transferred to an American version. The movie was as good as the first. It made HK$40,971,484 and 2 million U.S.D going up to $11,555,430 over the years. The movie has 83 percent in Rotten Tomatoes and a 4.5/5 on Amazon .

Preview: In a land where honor matters most come the sequel to the first Drunken Master Chan is back and even funnier than before. Armed with only his skill and a cup of alcohol, he beats up anything in his way and gives a good laugh during the journey.

  1. Project A: A movie with one of Chan’s best comedic plays, Project A did great to transfer over the border of Hong Kong and America. Making a total of HKD$19,323,824 it gave the audience a great laugh with its amazing humor. Over the years it has reached a rating of 92 percent and was rated 3.5/5 In Amazon.

Preview: In this movie, Chan is playing Dragon Ma is a lieutenant of the 19th century Hong Kong marines. He faces off against a group of pirates as well as a corrupt government as he hopes to defeat the pirate clan leader Sanpao. He then teams up with a navy admiral, a crafty thief, and a police captain with high sea battles with Sanpao and his crew.

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