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10 things to do this winter

By Abby Kent

Winter’s right around the corner, and you know what that means: winter break is coming up, along with random days off of school for excessive cold and snow. It’s inevitable that boredom will probably come along with those days off. Don’t worry because here’s a list of ten things to do this winter to help cure “Cabin Fever.”

  1. Watch movies based in the winter time. They can help provoke the holiday spirit, no matter which one you celebrate. It’s also some time to relax and wind down while being curled up all cozy and warm. Combating the holiday stress is always a plus, too. Bring on the festive films!
  2. Have a lazy day. Curl up in a blanket in front of the fire while wearing your most comfortable pajamas. Throw on a movie or a TV show, relax, and get ready to do nothing all day.
  3. Try some DIYs. It’s a chance to get crafty with your friends, and even if the DIY gets messed up terribly it’s still really fun to give it a try and see what can be created. Searching for DIYs is also an excuse to go onto Pinterest, so why not give it a shot?
  4. Go shopping with your friends or family. The stores are all decorated for the holidays which is sure to improve your mood. It’s also a chance to go last minute holiday shopping if you waited too long. If you go with friends you can spend time together, and they can help you pick out gifts.
  5. Speaking of stores being decorated for the holidays, decorate your house for the holidays. Whichever holiday you celebrate, even if the decorations are just for winter in general, it’s sure to bring holiday spirit and make your house look cozier and more festive. You can spend some time with your friends and family, turn on some holiday music, and make it into a decorating party.
  6. Go outside and play in the snow. This isn’t something that only little kids can do, it’s a fun activity for ages. We all get a little nostalgic during the holidays, anyway. Make a snowman, have a snowball fight, go sledding/skiing/snowboarding, or whatever else you want to do! It’s a chance to go outside and appreciate the beauty that comes along with winter.
  7. Drink a hot beverage. Drinks like tea, coffee, hot apple cider, or hot chocolate can warm you up and give you a cozy feeling like nothing else can. Some hot beverages, like herbal tea, can even have health benefits. Calming down with a hot drink is a definite must this winter.
  8. Try something new. Winter is the perfect season for making lifelong memories and having new experiences. Whatever you may decide to try, be it making cherry pie from scratch or skiing for the first time, it’s sure to make a great story to tell in the future.
  9. Give back. It may sound simple to you, but to someone else it may give them a reason to smile for the first time in months, it may give them hope. In the true spirit of the holidays, donate old clothes to have to a shelter, food to a local food pantry, or toys to an organization for underprivileged families to give their children in the upcoming holidays. It’s sure to help someone else out a lot, and you’ll be left knowing that you really made a difference in somebody’s life.
  10. The last thing to do this winter is to bake with your friends. Try making holiday food, or something that’s really difficult and complicated like macaroons just for fun. Give them to a family member or other friends as a gift if you can’t think of what to get them for a present. You could also put on a movie and eat what you baked while watching it (well, if it’s good enough to eat.)

So this winter while you’re bored and have nothing to do, try some of the activities on this list. You may feel more festive, make a difference, or just get some time to relax. Winter rocks, so make the most of it!

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