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Holiday madlib

By Lauren Casper

On a bitterly cold and snowy evening, you are driving home through a blizzard. The radio is shouting at you, telling you to get home because there will be _____ (number) feet of snow by midnight. With the snowflakes pounding down on your windshield and your _____ (type of car) going 15 miles per hour, things can’t get much worse than this. Worried about your own safety, you pull to the side of the road with the heat cranked up. As you sit in your car, you look to the right into the forest and see a _____ (color) light through the trees. Squinting to get a better look, you try to make out what the light is above. Is it? Could it really be him all dressed in red? You pull on your oversized _____ (piece of clothing) and trudge out of your car into the forest. The weather is getting worse and the snow is the size of a(n) ______(small animal). As you get deeper into the forest, the light seems to be getting brighter. You call out, “Hello?” and hear a loud  ______ (sound) in reply. As you step closer, the light reveals a shiny red sleigh with 8 ____(s) (hooved animals) pulling it. As you creep around the side of the sleigh, you look up to see the man himself, Santa of course! He looks down at you and says, “______,” (your name), “And what would you like for Christmas this year.” A smile appears on your face and you shout your list, including _____, ______, and _____ (top 3 items on your wishlist). Santa winks at you and hands you a small glass elf. It appears to be smiling and blinking! Santa tells you, “This is a little elf that will keep the Christmas spirit with you forever. Now it is time for me to go. Ho Ho Ho!” As you watch Santa fly away in the night, you laugh and walk back to your car. You see that it has been replaced with a _______! (luxury car) You then drive home, listening to your favorite song of the season, _______ (Christmas song) and say, “Thanks Santa for what you have given me on this fine Christmas night!”

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