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REVIEW: ‘Going Wild’ by Lisa McMann

By Maggie Boersma

On September 27, Lisa McMann published a new book, Going Wild. This is part of a new trilogy from the well-known author. Any fan of McMann or Rick Riordan will love this story. McMann is the author of the award winning series The Unwanteds. With this new text, she will no doubt have another award winning series on her hands, as she has created yet another amazing piece of writing with this new text.

This piece of writing was published just a short while back in September. It is targeted more towards younger high school students or middle school students. Going Wild was rated five out of five stars on the Barnes and Noble website and 4.1 out of five on Goodreads.

McMann has published yet another great read in her newest work. The book is about a young girl, Charlie Wilde, as she’s sucked into a crazy adventure. Moving across the country, Charlie finds a bracelet that gives her strange powers. She can’t control her new powers, and she struggles to keep them a secret. Teaming up with a couple of her friends, Charlie has to balance everyday life with her newfound super abilities. However, the problems become more complicated when Charlie realizes she may not be the only person looking for answers about the mysterious bracelet.

The plot was well-developed, and focused mainly on the different characters. Development was slow in the middle, but fitting, as the main character was at the time trying to find out what was going on with her new abilities. It uses realistic scenarios such as a school play or a soccer game to drive home the point that there may be amazing people all around us. Realistic characters add to the plot greatly, making it much more believable. It’s easy to relate to Charlie and her friends as they move through life while using the bracelet.

Katherine Applegate, a Newberry Medal-winning author, called Going Wild “gripping,” and “action-packed.” Applegate was author of the well-known novel The One and Only Ivan. She also wrote Eve and Adam, a popular science fiction novel set in the present day. There’s no doubt that with  the support of popular authors like these, Going Wild will be successful.

Available online or in bookstores, this story is great for a quick read on a weekend or a vacation. It’s easy to breeze through it and sit back to enjoy the ride. Without a doubt, McMann has written another award winning book.

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