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Top Christmas cookies to make this year

By Abby Barry

The whole house is filled with the smell of freshly baked cookies, there is frosting all over the place, and the room is filled with laughter. A special thing to do during Christmas time is to bake cookies. You can make the classic cookies or branch out and try making something new.

Sugar cookie cutouts are probably the most common cookies that are made during the holiday time because the different shapes could include Santa, reindeer, Christmas tree, a snowflake and many more shapes. They are also fun to make because they are supposed to be decorated so you can make them look however you want. You can also make a lot of these cookies because who doesn’t love sugar cookies?  

Another classic cookie would be the peanut butter blossom cookies. These are the ones that have the Hershey Kiss pressed into the middle of them. The peanut butter and chocolate are a great when paired together.These are a tradition for most families. They are a nice sweet treat during the holiday season and they are especially good when they just come out of the oven and the Hershey kiss was just placed in the center of the cookie.

The snicker doodle is a common cookie made not only in the Christmas time but lots of people do make them for Christmas. These are soft cinnamon cookies that are delicious. The struggling thing about this cookie is that you need to put the dough in the refrigerator before putting them in the oven. It actually makes the cookie look and taste better if you refrigerate the dough. Then after refrigerating the dough is supposed to be rolled out into balls and then put in the oven.

Chocolate snowballs are very festive hence the name snowballs. They are chocolate cookies rolled in confectioner’s’ sugar also known as powdered sugar. It gives a sweet taste and a soft fluffy texture. They are shaped into balls and they look like snowballs since they get covered in powdered sugar. They can come out and look crinkled after being baked and you can see the chocolate cracks through the powdered sugar.

One other classic Christmas cookie would have to be gingerbread cookies. Whether or not you get the little gingerbread man cut out of just make regular cookies. If you do make the gingerbread man cookies you can be decorated with a face and clothes which makes them even more fun.  

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